Render time takes too long!


i have an interior 2835 × 2126, no lights, only the neon shader. At the first try it needed about 1 hours 30. Then I changed something to the model and now it needed about 8-9 hours. What could be the problem?
in the att the first image. I have only changed the shade of the ceiling lamp (round)…


Which version of Artlantis are you using on which platform ?

Are you also using HDRI or Heliodon lighting or neon glass or just neon lights on the ceiling ?
On the left side is it mirrors or windows ?
On what kind of geometry did you apply the neon shader, does it have a lot of triangles ?
Which rendering parameters did you use ?

It would be easier to help you find out what is taking so long if I had your file.
Could you send me the file in archive format (atla) by WeTransfer to

Best regards,
Camille Sarrut


I have send you the file.
I have the same problem with all 4 views in the file.

Thank you


I made a lot of test with your file !

The conclusion is that using Neon shader on a complex object like your ceiling lamps combined with the Enhanced Background setting checked is taking a lot of time.
The square ceiling lamp has a lot less triangles, hence taking less time to render.

I have created a Round ceiling lamp using the neon shader only on the bottom circle and the rendering time went from 1h6mn to 23mn, with the same rendering settings !
I turned off some of the shader reflexion to make sure the time difference were not coming from the reflexion and roughness calculations.
Here are the 2 renderings:

I will send you the modified Ceiling lamp, your file modified and some of the renderings.

Thank you so much Camille
To know that, will help me so much for future project. I will reduce all neon shades to the minimum.
Best wishes