(RESOLVED) Render [IN] download area, does not work

Hello everyone, are you okay? … I’m glad :wink: :sunglasses:
Extraordinarily supported recently by Ildiko Szabo, (support.renderin)
thanks for your attention

… in regards to downloading the installer of Render IN 3 for Sketchup 2015

But I must remember, that 3 versions of Render IN cannot be downloaded
Render IN 3 for Sketchup 2015
Render IN 3 for Sketchup 2016
Render IN 3 for Sketchup 2017
Downloading, issues error, see image

In this case, my idea is to format the machine, obviously deactivate the license, unfortunately I lost the installer, possibly on an external disk that was damaged

For the rest, almost certainly, I have the support of all Render IN, since we started this extraordinary and great task with this excellent rendering engine … since its inception in 2010, if I remember correctly, to our present

… from his beta face … beautiful that time … fond memories :heart_eyes: :blush:

Okay! Finally I would like to request our family from this forum, if by chance they have the version (Render IN 3 for Sketchup 2015) please, grateful if they send it to me, either by this route or to my email legraf50gmail.com

A thousand thanks
A hug
Pedro / le graf
ps: excuse my english

Hello Pedro,

Thanks for letting us know.
We should be able to fix the download ASAP.

I will let you know

Hello again,

The downloads have been fixed !
Have a nice evening.

Camille Sarrut

Hi, good morning :blush:
Thanks Camille, for being aware :heart_eyes: :kissing_heart:

ready, the download area is already working
In this sense, this case is resolved
… I already changed the title of this post

Very important to thank Ildiko Szabo, for his good offices
…Thanks for your time :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :kissing_heart:

In case something similar happens, make a new backup of all versions for windows

… nadi knows and a witch appears flying around … we have to be prepared
Do not think about it, if you need something, just communicate with me :wink:

Thank you
A hug, take care