Rhino Plugin doesnt work in Rhino 6

The Rhino plugin no longer works in the new version Rhino 6. When is an update scheduled?

I will ask the person in charge, and let you know.

To the R&D team ! Hi,
Been a year now and still the plugin is supporting only Rhino 5 for windows !

Rhino 6 is not anymore in WIP but is a fully working software on MAC. Any release date ?
Thanks !

Hello again to the developers !

Just a kind reminder that the plugin export is still not supported. It’s been years, rhino is currently a fully working Rhino7 ! Abvent is still not updating the export plugin from Rhino 6 or 7 (neither windows nor Mac) to Artlantis…
Help us please make the workflow more easy !

I would like to know if Artlantis can become a plugin for Rhinoceros 6.
Or if it will be updated to be able to save in .3dm format.

Thank you.