Rotate Object

How do I get an object to rotate on a center point in an animation?

Hello EdHaynes,

Here are the steps to follow to rotate an object on a center point in an animation/
1- place the Anchor point on the center point, if it is not already in the center

1.1 you can move the Anchor point (Blue dot) in 2DView by dragging it while holding the ‹ d › key on your keyboard.

2- activate the Animation Inspector,
3- select the Animation in which you want to animate the object

4- activate the Objects Inspector
5- select the Object you want to rotate

6- clic on the timeline to place the time cursor at the time you want to stop the rotation
7- start the recording

8- Rotate the Z cursor until the object is at the final position, if you want the object to rotate more than 360°, keep rotating or enter the number of degrees corresponding to the number of turns

9- Clic on the Record button to Stop the recording
10- Clic to go to the Start of the animation
11- Clic on the Play button to watch the animation

Hope it will help you create your Animation !

Perfect1 Thanks!