Salon 01

Hi, :smiley: :smiley:
We continue

Note: observe the clarity of the scene
There is no focus assist light in any region of space, there are no windows or openings
Only the 5 lamps that look … in this case use the resource plane emissive material, 1 cm below the ceiling.

The render time increases tone a bit, but worth the wait :wink:
then edit the ceiling of the room a little with PS … I still have not mastered well the intensity of the emissive plane.

Even, you can delete the ceiling, darken, change, edit and overall clarity, still exists.

clarity can be achieved, soft, tenenue or strong, high, as the case and the type of scene

It can be improved but the result is nice

I hope you like :wink:

« …observe the clarity of the scene… »
yes, I did so and this work was one reason for me to try this tool :smiley:

A great job! and I have no idea how you did that with just a few lights…


Hi Regi, :smiley: :smiley:
to achieve this, the resource is applied, a plane emitting material

Look at these pictures

Gradually it should be balancing the emission intensity

obviously then edit the image with PhotoScape, PS or any editor

I’m still learning how to use this resource and apparently achieved pleasing results :wink:

Nice work!