Salon Nuit / Jour

Bonjour à tous,
voici un rendu réalisé à partir du projet : en utilisant Render[in] 3.0.6
Temps de calcule: 10 min / image.

Vue de Jour :

Vue de nuit :

L’équipe ATI3D.

Hi ATI3D-Team - that´s a nice work an a god Day/Night example as well.

maybe you could have made the night scene slightly darker to give the artificial lighting a little more accent possibilities?
And to change the pointers of the clock in one scene would have been a nice detail also :wink:

best Regards

Hi regi,

thank you very much ,
new rendering :

Best Regards

:smiley: fine!

regarding the clock pointers, I meant more than just 10 minutes difference :wink:

thanks for posting this