Shaders from objects linked in ATL6.5

Lets say I place two chairs in my model. In ATL 5 I could change their shaders individually so I was able to change the color of only one.

Now I just updated to ATL6.5 and I notice shaders from the same model are linked to eachother. So if I change one chair the other goes along.

Can this be turned off?

Hi, since version 6, you change materials for all instances at once. To detach one instance from the group, open the Object inspector and make a right click over the instance which should have a different shader. Choose: Use Independent Material.

The same contextual manu contains further options for object materials.

If you go to the tutorials on the Artlantis website, you will find tutorial « 10 - Instances » covers this functionality.

Thank you both! Will give the tutorials an try.