Shadows and highlights contrast

I have difficulty to find a good balance for shadows and highlights in my render.
For exemple with this one, I find shadows are really dark while white materials are overexposed…
Settings I used :
Heliodon : sun 0 - sky 0
ISO 85 - 1/250 s
Ambiance exterior - quality
Enhanced background on

Can you help me ? :slight_smile:

From my experience with 6.5, there is not much you can do with the settings to change this. The sun always seems to cast sharp, strong shadows, no matter what the settings are.

The only way I know of that you can get softer, more subtle shadows now is to use an HDRI background. This works very well, but if you need to use a photo of the project site for context, it is not an option.

With HDRI, you would use the « Enhanced Background Â». If you are not using HDRI, « Enhanced Background Â» should be deactivated.