Sitting room - My first Testing

Hi All - my name is Regi and this is my first posting here

I was searching for a simple to use render tool. So I gave Render[IN] a try for a few days.
Now I bought it and want to show you my first result which I’m pretty happy with.
The scene I used for my testing is downloaded from the 3d warehouse. I just changed, deleted or added a few details and a few textures. So the added render below is more or less out of the box…
The whole scene is lit by daylight only, shining throught the windows. In the room at the back only one artificial « lightbulb » is added. There aren`t needed any aids(?) to make the sunlight shining through the windows, such as sky light portals for example, which is quite convenient.
Although there are only few setting options, I love the possibility to add or mix ambient occlusion into the scene render. Also the preview window works well - what you see there is exactly what you get later.
Render[IN] does not hide it´s relationship to Artlantis - there I always liked the render output option PSD which often is useful for postpro…

Regards, Regi … 4a08bf459b

Hi Regi,

We are happy to see the result of your first try, what an excellent work!

Tianxiao WANG

…Thank you for the compliment and I give it back to you - what an excellent tool :wink: