Sketchup 2017


Simple question, does Abvent Renderin support Sketchup 2017?


Not yet, but we are working on it
I have not yet any date unfortunately

Hello :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:
Thanks for the info, Mercheric :sunglasses:
We will continue waiting
Sure soon we are new updating :wink:


any update - soon is already some months ago…

Hi All, it’s online now

Hi and thanks for this Info - I have two stupid questions :wink: :
1 - I still run SU 2016 together with Render[In] version 3.0.6 in the company where I work and the
same Render[In] version as a privat licence together with SU 2015. Does it make sense to update anyway,
even if I don´t use SU 2017 so far? :blush:
2 - Besides the adjustment to the current SU 2017 version, are there any further improvements or changes ?

The only change is the compatibility with MacOS Sierra and Sketchup 2017
So you can keep your version 3.0.6 if you are,'t in these two situations