SketchUp 2019 Export to Artlantis 2020

Can this plug-in tool be used normally?
I can’t export *.atl files in SketchUp 2019.

Win 10
SketchUp 2019.3.256
Artlantis 2020
Plug-in : Artlantis-6.5-2019-Exporter-for-SketchUp-Pro-2019-64-Bit.exe


Unfortunately, Trimble updated SketchUp and removed the API we were using in our export plugin.
The last SketchUp version compatible with our plugin is 2019.1

We are working on updating our plugin, but it is not yet available.
In the meantime you can just open the .SKP files in Artlantis, this is working.

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Now I used SketchUp 2020.2.172,
I install « Artlantis-7-2019-2020-Exporter-for-SketchUp-Pro-2020.exe »,
but I can’t export « atl format files ».

Is this plugin support SK2020.2.172?



Yes the plugin supports SKP 2020.2.172 on Windows.
Did you download the last installer uploaded August 28, 2020 ?

Hello !
I try to install plugin from abvent site, but the export option doesn’t show in the export windows in my sketchup, any help ?

Sketchup 20.2.172 64 bits
Windows 7

Thank you !