stain renders


i need some help!

I do not know if my file is buggy, but when it finishes rendering, the light walls will have spots. something that is not seen in the pre-vizualization.
Plz help :confused:

I believe you need to go to your Render settings and increase โ€น Interpolation โ€บ (under Global Illumination).


I agree the interpolation value might be the answer.
Please have a look at the following link to get more Tips and Tricks on rendering parameters: โ€ฆ antis-6-5/

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That link is an excellent summary of tips for 6.5. The original video covers the same in more detail, but itโ€™s hard to refer to when you want to check something. More tips like this would ease a lot of frustration and questions. Good job!

Thank you !

Merry Christmas !