Stairway Lighting

Hi All
In this little example, added below, I show a test how to illuminate a stairway.
Next to the sunlight, falling through the door (behind the camera) I have added two neonlights and one spotlight. Overall, I am satisfied with the result.
But at the bottom of the right stairs in the render image you can see some dark stains. I have no idea what´s the reason and how to avoid them.
Any ideas or any tips are most welcome…

Hey Regi,

Thanks for keeping sharing with us your work!
Concerning the dark stains at the bottom of the right stairs, could you please send us a screenshot about your rendering settings?

Tianxiao WANG

Thanks you for your interest in this « dark stains thing » :slight_smile:
here are the settings I´ve used

Hi Regi,

In this case, you could try to switch to Expert mode then increase the interpolation rate.
First, you could try with level 2. Then if the splotches are still, you could go for even higher with this setting.
You could also try to reduce a bit the accuracy rate, and a bit down on the material rate.

Try this and tell us what you got :wink:

Abvent Team

Hi and thank you Tianxiao

I did, as you told me to do and although I have no idea what an « interpolation rate » is :confused: , the result is much better than the previous one, which is great. So increasing this interpolation rate up to level 2 was the only thing i changed here…

here are my finished renders and I am happy with the results :slight_smile:
both scenes have been rendered with the settings shown right above.
I deleted the spotlight, which is shown at the top of this post, so only
the neon lights remain…