Stripes in render

Can you please help what is the problem - I have this insteresting stripes on the rendered picture. I made this render in Artlantis 2021
Thank you very much

It might be that you have two planes overlapping or very close to each other each with a different shader.
Which CAD software did you use to create the model ?
On which platform are you working macOS or Windows, which version ?
If you want, you can send me your file in archive format (atla) via WeTransfer to, I will check it.
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Hello, thank you for your answere. I created model i Archicad 25 - Windows 10. Ok I will send you the file to check- thank you so much.

I got your file.
The problem is that the project is at 23Km from the origin !
If you set the origin to the Camera target for exemple then everything is ok.
Use the Information dialog to set the origin:

Also all the white spots you get are coming from the Denoiser settings, in this view you do not need the Denoiser in fact, you should use Portal Objects behind the windows.
Also no need to use the luminous glass on the windows, the HDR lighting should be enough.

Here is a rendering done with your file after reseting the origin:

I will send you the modified file by WeTransfer

Thank you so much for your help :slight_smile:

If you need more help, let me know.

Ciao posso inviare anche io il file di artlantis in formato .atla perché durante il rendering ho problemi con le strisce led

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You can send me your atla file using WeTransfer to


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