Stuck on Rendering 3/4 (100%)

Since upgrading to SU2018 and RenderIn 3 for 2018, I can’t render past step 3/4 (100%), it would result in a temporary tga file and the RenderIn window will be stuck and only way is the force quit SU in order to use it again. Please help!

I´m having the same problem, and i´ve sent an email to render[in] to see if they could solve the problem.
I paid my license, and i get stuck in the same thing as you.
Render 3/4, (100%)

Did you managed to solve the problem?

Best Regards…

Yes they came back and said that many people are experiencing the same thing and their tech are looking into fixes

Hello Swank-e.
Thank you for the support.

I have received a ticket, and they said that someone would be in contact with me, within 24 hours.

Let´s see if they can solve the problem, and fast.
Thank you once again.

I have been waiting since. Judging from the frequency of releases from Abvent for RenderIn, I doubt it would be resolved in a hurry. I would like to be wrong on this.

Hell, it starts to worrying me, seriously.
No one says anything.
I almost want my money back, because i need to work, and this is most affordable render software.
Always working good, except for now…

The tga files are not too bad. You just have to force quit SketchUp for each render.

yeah, and that´s not good.
Let´s see if they could solve the problem.
I am still waiting.

A month later we are still waiting. 6 more months and SketchUp 2019 will come out already.

Yeap. That is ridiculous!

Maybe it’s just a scam or a way for them to lure you.