Timeless scene

Hello everyone :wink:
I took the liberty of editing and preparing a scene shared, Timeless

ā€¦ And really render time is very large, especially for a scene of 23 mb :confused: :frowning:

At the end, I share is a result

okay! Now if, ready
I really surrender, losing battle :frowning: :confused:
2 days trying to enhance the scene, but nothing

ā€¦ It must be that Iā€™m tired :blush:

No achievement lamps edit my models, I pretty difficult :frowning:
Render IN 3 modifies all the editing, you should increase almost all values

The render time is critical, I think we should improve a little cooking times, at least half would be ideal ā€¦

Sorry for the result, we are at another time will :blush:
I need to evaluate more, all parameters