Transparent Background

Is there a way to directly export a PNG with a transparent background? I can post process in a photo editor to achieve this but it is not an optimal solution.

Hi - Hopefully I’ll get you right
If you export to psd, you will get a picture which is divided into different layers.
Your model will be rendered there without being merged with the used background
but with transparent background instead :wink: Even an ambient occlusion layer gets created!
Then you can use other backgrounds for example or skys etc…
You also get very uesful layers there like material- or object IDs for postpro…

I agree that the PSD export is useful in creating a mask to isolate the rendered object. The PSD color layer contains the rendered object and the background, I was looking for just the rendered object on a transparent background layer. Any other options?

… And the absolute « All-Around-Happy Package » would be to get the shadow on it´s own separate layer as well !!! :wink: