Turning off sunlight

Hey guys,

we are new with Render[in] in our office and just ordered the full version today! :slight_smile:

Somehow I can’t find an option to turn off the surrounding lights to get rid of incorrect shadows when rendering a floor plan from top view.

Does someone kindly have a tipp?

Best wishes


Hi Dom - a bit of delay to answer but I didn´t find any time earlier :wink: Which kind of shadows are weird or unfiting for you?
Or maybe you could post an example here for either: what do you want to avoid or: any example for your desired result?

Basically I see 3 possibilities to render a ground plan - these possibilities also apply to other render tasks as well of course.
I’d like to state before, that within RI always shines a physical sky sun, which always does this in dependence of your used SU-sun settings.
RI´s physical sky sun always produces shadows !!! - I hope we get more options here in future RI versions :wink:

PIC. 1 is the SU standard situation: daylight with shadows on the ground.
The ground here is provided by RI and it is located on level 0 (as if it would be the SU standard ground)

PIC. 2 is the SU standard situation: daylight with shadows on the ground like in PIC. 1
The ground here is also provided by RI but it is located on level -1000.000. (as if you would turn off SU shadows on ground within SU)
This floor setting avoids shadows in the surrounding area at least.
Of course, shadow remains here as well, but this is now so far away that it is not in the field of view in general - just a little work aröund :wink:

PIC. 3 isn´t the SU standard situation ! :slight_smile: - Within SU I’ve set a night time-scene which avoids all shadows which might be caused by the sun.
So instead of sunlight, I have placed artificial light sources here, which are also set to 0 shadow causing. This little trick provides the most neutral lighting.
Whether this kind is a better lighting - you have to decide for yourself :question: - Anyway - artificial lighting provides the most of lighting influence for you.

Another tip is - always export to PSD what gives you the best possibility to remove disturbing environment with one click for further postpro.

I hope this will help you further on and please let me/us know and see what you will achieve :slight_smile:

Hey regi,

thank you for your time!

In the end I figured it out similiar to step 3:
I switched SU to night an made a light object out of the ceiling. Then divided it to more objects to have better results. Then I made light objects out of the window glass to imitate sunlight.

I will post you the result on monday! :slight_smile:

In interior renderings I still get no satisfying
results with artificial lights. They mostly appear as surface lights and I don’t get good spotlight results.

I read in a German RI book, that you have a difference between if the light is a surface or an object. But it still doesn’t look really good.

And when I am at it, do you maybe please have an idea how I display realistic looking grass in RI without adding the surroundings in PS?

Thank you for your help again in advance.
Due to RI beeing more uncommon it’s hard to find good tutorials, eventhough many tools work similiar to other programs.

Best wishes,

:slight_smile: Fine - I’m curious to see what you’ve done so far - please poste your used settings as well.
Just this way we have the opportunity to learn from each other because your note is correct: there are only few tutorials out there indeed…

So you acted like a kind of magnifying glass if I understand correctly. It is very clever.