Twinmotion 2019: VR- paint/sculpt landscape and textures

Hey there,

Testing out the new 2019 sculpted landscape with painted textures option. When you paint textures on the sculpt surface, are they considered collision mesh? I’m having an issue where either the texture or the sculpted landscape doesn’t know what to do with itself in VR. It’s almost like it’s trying to balance me on each pebble in the material that’s painted or it’s making me fall through the earth.

To recreate:
Create a sculptable landscape plane, use the texture painter to paint a gradient from grass to pebbles/stone, create BIMmotion, VR mode can’t stand still


  • I used the normal default « starting ground » which worked as expected
  • I used a sculpted landscape plane with a painted texture, deleted the « starting ground » because it wasn’t necessary to keep it, and in VR I’d just fall through the ground OR it would try to unsuccessfully balance me on the stones of texture that was painted onto the ground
  • I left the « starting ground » and the sculpted landscape plane in my scene and was able to balance successfully and with stability stand on the « starting ground » mesh in VR

Is anyone else having this issue where their sculpted mesh is being dramatic in VR?