Twinmotion export.

When I try to export file for Twinmotion it’s been saved whit tma extension, but when I try to open or import this file in Twinmotion I Can’t because it seams that only tm files are suporterd.


You are right and we know about this issue, we transferred it to the Twinmotion Dev Team, but they did not fix it.
I will send it again.

You can’t open a tma file in Twinmotion, but you should be able to import it (File>Import). This confused me at first also, as I was trying to open the file, but using Import works for me.

Hello again,

I have been told that unfortunately, there will not be a patch for Twinmotion 2019.
As you might know Epic Game bought Twinmotion and Twinmotion 2020 will not support Artlantis file format (tma).
You can try to contact Epic Game support for more information.

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On second thought, I think I know why you cannot import the tma in Twinmotion 2019, did you add some 3D Grass shader in Artlantis ?
If you did try to replace it with another shader, export it in tma and try to import it in Twinmotion 2019.

Let me know if this was the problem.