Update rendering engine to D5 ray trace

Dear Sirs and developers.

We’ve been using Artlantis for architectural renderings for quite some time now. I’ve downloaded latest version for tryout and noticed little or no improvements in usability and noticeably longer rendering times for almost similar quality.
We are definitely not upgrading from 2019 at this point.
Competition has gone far away with speed, quality and GPU usage.
I would like to ask you, if possible to look up on D5 rendering software. Not sure if their developers would be willing to sell code for their rendering engine. But if it could be merged together with other Artlantis capabilities would make a great software for architects.
D5 usage is still under development but rendering engine is great. Ray-trace rendering complex image in 4K with plenty of vegetation under 2 min on average PC with RTX2060 6GB, simple seeding vegetation and great preview.
So, seeding grass and plants and GPU ray trace rendering.
Hope you could find some agreement. Like once you’ve offered Maxwell engine.
Only a suggestion from user that otherwise will hart broken part from Artlantis to D5 and wait for them to improve usability.

Thank you

Hello Miro,

Thanks for your fidelity and your input, we are currently working on improving Artlantis realtime renderings capabilities.
Unfortunately D5 rendering is not available on macOS and Artlantis has to run on both platforms !
Hopefully we will have a satisfying version before you switch to D5 !

Best regards,
Camille Sarrut

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Dear Camille

I’m aware that D5 currently does not support MacOS and Linux. That is currently some API issue, more of OS problem that D5 itself.
I’m also aware that D5 requires hard to get RTX cards to work good and fast, and have a minimum requirement of GTX 1060 card.
That’s why I mentioned Maxwell rendering engine. It seemed to me that integrating second rendering engine choice, like you’ve done with Maxwell and allowing a choice between existing Physical render engine and GPU ray trace could be simple task and great improvement.
Even if only for WIN users at the moment. If I recall well Artlantis was initially Mac software, but I believe that you now have large Win users base.
Bear in mind that I learned programing over 35 years ago in Fortran and Pascal so I’m not exactly an expert and don’t know how much work this actually is .
I was merely suggesting what seemed to me like a good idea. D5 also keeps community version free for download so I assumed that they would be willing to sell you the code for rendering engine.
Keen to see what you are preparing. But It’s been quite some time with no significant improvements, not to mention drawbacks in rendering time. Actually you are now posting tutorials how to shorten rendering times.
We are small architectural studio, using Archicad, we used Artlantis for quick renderings, 20% of time for 80% of result, quick display to client with no additional cost. When more realistic results were required or ordered, we usually outsourced the job to professionals, V-ray using studios.

Thank you, keep me posted.

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