Vecktorworks plugins

I’ve used the Vectorworks pluggin (2018) to export my model into Artlantis. However, the VW layers are not imported as separate layers but as one layer. This means I can’t turn layers off in Artlantis to make working easier. Is there a way round this, as I’ve written to Artlantis on numerous occasions to include importation of separate layers but it has fallen on deaf ears.


I have asked the plugin developer, he told me he will try to export VW layers as Artlantis separate layers.
I will let you know when he gets back to me.

Camille, Thank you for asking. I hope the developer comes up with a solution. It would make my work easier. Please let me know when he gets back to you.

Hi Camille,

Any news on the updated Vectorworks plugin by the developer?


No, sorry, no news I have send an email when I read your message, but have not yet got an answer…
I will try again !

Dear Camille,
Any development on the separate layer export plugin for Vectorworks 2018? It’s been almost 3 months since my last post and Artlantis 7.0 has been released since then. Do the developers listen to the users at all?


I got this answer from the developper:

If you do not understand french, it means it is not an easy issue, they won’t include it for the 2018 version, they might include it in the 2019 version…

Sorry, that is all I could get from them…

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This is really disappointing. I sure hope that Vectorworks 2019 is fully supported. It seems like quite the rip off to claim you support Vectorworks 2018 right in your plug ins download section but not actually support VW 2018 to Artlantis 7. Thats very dishonest marketing.

…and on that subject, it’s the annual enquiry about when the latest VW plug-in will be available. My copy of WV2019 is installed and ready to go!


The WV2019 export plugin should be available soon, unfortunately the separate layer has not been added by the developers…
They might include it in the next release.

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I do not understand, you advertise on your website that its compatible with Vectorworks! How is it you are unsure how or when exporters will be fully supported between Vectorworks and Artlantis 7?

If I had known about this incompatibility, I would NOT have purchased the update to 7. I am now considering a more expensive option of C4D.

I feel duped.


I don’t understand why you feel duped…

Artlantis is compatible with Vector Works 2018, we have just received the 2019 export plugin, I’m testing it before uploading it on our Website.

The separate layer issue has never been implemented in previous version, only one client has asked for it, the developers will try to add this feature in a future version, but it will not be available in Version 2019.

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I’m sat here with VW2019 installed, so please post that Plug-In as soon as you can!

I can see both sides of the Layers issue. I’ve used VW and Artlantis for more than five years and have appreciated the increasing ease of export from VW - ATL now handles classes within wall/roof make-up well, although interaction remains firmly one way; make changes in VW, export to ATL to check / render / walk through. I personally don’t find the inability to recognise layers a problem, although given the very flexible workflows which VW allows, I can imagine for others it could be more problematic.

Hello PhilBixby,

I would like to contact you directly, could you send me an email at

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Dear Camille,

For the developers to say that it isn’t easy to export the layers of Vectorworks to Artlantis is a poor excuse, I’m sorry to say, especially after all this time (over a year of nagging from me at least). As much as I can understand not being able to get layers exported as independent layers in VW 2018 due to time, but not to achieve it for VW2019 shows a lack of effortby the developers.
Other renderers can achieve export/import of VW layers as independent layers and Artlantis can’t? Complacency is what happen to Nokia and see where they ended up - gone. It doesn’t take long for customers to move to other platforms if they aren’t happy and not listened to. I for one will not be upgrading to any further updated versions of Artlantis till the issue is addressed, as I might as well stick to Artlantis 6.5 while I explore my options.



Dear Camille,

You should try rendering a semi-glazed 5 storey bulding model when it is export from VW as one layer; placing items in plan is just much harder as the workflow is inefficient - let’s not talk of shaders.
Lastly, just because I’m the only one to complain doen’t mean there are not others. But then, as my fellow designer said, I need to spend more as others do when the model is more complicated and move over to a renderer that can do what I want - she may just be right.