Vectorworks plug-in problem lights

When i put lights o neon material in all the models imported with the vectorworks with te plug-in, to see them i have to set them with a lot of lumens (190000 or more), it dosen’t work fine. I have tried to convert the model in dwg and open it in artlantis and the manage of the light is correct. Somebody have the same problem, how can i solve it?


I’m not sure to understand everything, could you send me one of the files exported from VectorWorks with the light neon material applied, send me the dwg also to try to find the difference.
If the file zipped is to big to attach it to the post, send it with WeTransfer at

I had the same problem - I import from Vectorworks and have found artificial lighting problematic as lights needed thousands of lumens to show up. I then noticed that I had my preview window set up for manual exposure (using shutter speed / ISO). Changing this to auto exposure transforms the use of artificial lighting - the control is at bottom left on the main preview window. Add lights, set realistic lighting power (500-700 lumens for standard pendant lighting) and you’ll see the effect as you shift the time of day on the heliodon towards dusk.

Thanks Phil !!