Video texture on pc not synced

Hi I have Artlantis 7 on both Mac and pc. When I apply a mp4 texture on a screen in the scene it appears ok and works fine on a Mac, but when I open it on a pc, the video timings are out.

Im producing a 5second animation and I’m using a 5 second video on a screen in the scene. On a Mac in animation I scroll to the end of the time line and see the end of the video ok. I open and view the same on a pc and the video is not at the end, although the playhead is in the same position. It appears as if on pc the video file is not being handled correctly in Artlantis. Ive tried Mov and Avi, with worse or the same result. Anything I can try please? My pc is a much faster renderer than my Mac, hence wanting to use the pc.

Kind regards


We have fixed this issue in Artlantis 2021, unfortunately, we will not fix it in Artlantis 7.

This really is not good enough, I have purchased a product and you are telling me it is not fit for purpose, as far as I’m away you are still supporting back to version 6. Please can you rectify this issue or let me know how you are going to resolve it for me? I have four licences of this software and you are informing me that they are all useless and not fit for purpose on a PC. This really is not the correct way to treat a customer.

Kind regards

Brendon Fear