FOV & export

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FOV & export

Fri 10 Feb 2017 08:13

Hi there! Some questions concerning the export from iVisit360:

When I export a panorama-view from ivist360 as the flash-version (with folders, etc.), there seems to be an issue concerning the FOV?
In comparison to the same file as webGL export, the FOV is/seems to be 'closer' then in the previous made adjustments in Artlantis (angle, focal distance).
Has anyone made similar experiences? And yeah, I know how to manipulate the fov with an editor, but it is an extra step in the working process everytime.

Why I still use flash? With the webGL-version, I am not that happy. The acceleration is way to sensitive for unexperienced (external) users (i.c. to the flash-version) and if you change the font, it is not completely taken over in the bar below (Point 1, Point 2, etc.).

I hope there will be an update for ivist360 as well soon (Cardboard, VR, bugfixes, etc.!!!).

And it would be so so so great, if there would be an webGL -version of the VR-Object, if possible, since flash is kinda dying.

Thanks & Cheers!

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