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Service of neo-classical villa design BT2259

Posted: Thu 13 Feb 2020 08:26
by AnHungArchitecture
The 3-storey villa design conquers the viewer with its superficial appearance but also extremely lovely, the large arched door system incorporates many high-contrast materials such as marble, South African iron wood, fine iron The art of painting with electrostatic black paint and the extravagant interior inside has created a wonderful architectural whole from the outside to the inside. In the traditional villa design, architects always prioritize using natural light and air convection in every living space of the homeowner, so this villa has lots of windows. Large windows on the first floor can see through the interior of the living room inside, thanks to which makes the overall villa more luxurious than ever.
The lobby is large and majestic with a large round roof facing with marble, wavy gray pattern that easily fascinates all eyes, the double solid pillar system synchronously supports the entire roof and the balcony above. The second floor balcony is also designed to be simple, without cumbersome details but still attractive thanks to the way architects know the details of the column to highlight the main door details made from South African ironwood with red. power, under the chandeliers in the lobby makes the facade space more gorgeous, eye-catching than ever. It is also the intention of the designer, helping homeowners to express their position and influence by the home construction.

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