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Designing European castles in Bac Giang - BT2306

Fri 9 Oct 2020 02:40


Mr. Minh is a businessman. He owns a lot of land with a very large area, behind is mountains and hills, and in front is a lake with natural flow of hydro-gas. Realizing these things in the terrain of the land, An Hung consulted the owner of the villa design plan in a "like the way of water" to bring more fortune, abundant energy and more prosperity.
In order to affirm the noble position as well as express the hospitality of the owner while increasing the majesty for the architecture of the building, architect An Hung designed a staircase to the lobby with aisles from 2 sides, on each side are 17 luxurious stone-paved steps often found only in palaces for the aristocracy. The graceful curves of these two sides of the staircase are like open arms to welcome, welcoming guests to visit the house.

The lobby part of the villa is designed by An Hung with a row of high-rise poles running all the way to the roof of the second floor, providing a spacious and overwhelming lobby space. Inspired by the Parthenon temple worshiping Athena - a masterpiece of human architecture in ancient Greece, the architect designed a double column of 4 columns, a trench body supporting the triangular hall roof. Below the ceiling of the lobby, a sparkling crystal chandeliers drop, adding to this space even more magnificent than the European palaces.

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