paul gao
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How do i do Transparent Tree object

Wed 4 Sep 2019 08:09

does anyone know how to properly make a tree object semi transparent? just like what we normally do in photoshop. i know that there is a transparency slider for tree object but most of the default tree from the local library are not responding. they simply dont work. :?:

I tried to edit the object by going to the shader inspector of that object and when i change the transparency for the shader or the texture associated with it the model simply turn opaque white but not transparent. is it just me or anyone else experiencing similar difficulty.

after so many tries I kind of found a not so good solution which is by going into the shader inspector of the tree. then re apply the default Glass shader to the trunk and foliages, then click on the texture below them and change the transparency, this way the tree finally start to be transparent as i slide along the bar. however the results are still undesirable. it makes the tree trunk and foliage de saturated as you slide along down the bar which is not what we want.

we are trying to achieve a semi transparent object so that you are able to see through it to reveal the building behind but at the same time retain its original colors and texture.

if any one knows any trick Please send through your email address then ican send you the artlantis file so you have a better understanding..


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Re: How do i do Transparent Tree object

Thu 3 Oct 2019 10:29

I made it in photoshop..... Look at this conversation's end. Problem is your case is perhaps even more difficult, because I only played with sky background.


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