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What's Next?

Thu 1 Feb 2018 12:08

Wondering if Artlantis is still under development for a next version or update - haven't heard anything.

Version 6/6.5 brought us a physical rendering engine for accurate lighting, but for exteriors, this only applies to clear sunny days. All ability to adjust for atmospheric conditions was lost, and the only way to get a good rendering of, say, a cloudy day is to use HDRI. But if you want to show your project in a site specific context, this is not practical. One would think that the next step would be to extend the physically accurate rending to a full range of outdoor lighting conditions.

So, are improvements in progress, and can we get any sense of what is being worked on? I think 6/6.5 was a great step forward, but it's not there yet.


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Re: What's Next?

Tue 6 Feb 2018 14:20

My thoughts exactly. I would love to get some feedback in this regard.


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Re: What's Next?

Tue 6 Feb 2018 16:21

Me too :geek:

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Re: What's Next?

Wed 7 Feb 2018 15:00

Just received my Artlantis Community News - the biggest news seems to be Twinmotion. I have purchased a license for TM2018, but I think Artlantis remains a useful application, and I'd really like to see it continue to improve and develop. But nothing new going on with Artlantis?

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Re: What's Next?

Thu 8 Feb 2018 00:41

I think abvent forgot about artlantis and focused only on Twinmotion to compete with Lumion ... but Lumion is way ahead, in quality and especially in vegetation resources. The vegetation of the twinmotion is just like the artlantis, it's very fake and that does not make it worth investing in the program ... Abvent needs to work equally on all its programs as Autodesk does or retire some programs and focus on one. .. a good example change was the chaosgroup ... she realized she was losing market to the crown, what did she do? Changed a lot, she listened to users, adapted much to v-ray to make it easier, faster, more competitive and recovered market. The v-ray for sketchup that was very slow, today is very fast, since the artlantis 6.5 is super slow ...

Now, a few years ago we questioned the lack of communication of abvent and mainly the few news in the program beyond the many flaws ... if you compare the amount of materials that the v-ray back, that the lumion behind, only in this, the artlantis already You owe a lot! I have only two questions, will Abvent review its concepts and listen to its users as the others did or will it focus only on the twinmotion and retire the artlantis?

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Re: What's Next?

Tue 13 Feb 2018 14:41 ... =30#p67564

P.S. Users asked:
1 - Save in old versions pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase
2 - Create a way to update the file, as you make changes to the 3D model in your 3D program ... the Lumion have this option, this avoids having to stay exportanto all over again, this is too much work ...
3 - New options of sunlight, clouds, horizons ... that is parked for a long time
4 - Fix definitively the neon light shader ... please stop insisting that it is fixed because it is stated in this version 2 ... is a primary feature lighting is a basic effect that the Artlantis makes the rendering incredibly slow and requires all the performance of your computer ... please!
5 - Stop create the isolated world of Artlantis ... that completely escapes the current market. Customers love the opportunity to advertise their businesses in 360 on facebook or youtube, Artlantis is different, it has its own program for that, the Ivisit, that did not work so well ... the customer does not want the Ivisit, he wants to disclose on youtube, facebook ... other than that, look at you see Lumion, with each release are hundreds of new components, materials ... Artlantis decided to create your store, you have to buy while the other of grace .. .
6 - Option to create grass ... for those who saw the rescem released Lumion 7 should be drooling with the option of climbing and creating any volume in vegetation ... options that I had already imagined in artlantis, but its users are not Ears ...
7 - open the program for companies to develop plugins for Artlantis ... if Abvent has no interest and create grass for example, a company can have and create the plugin and so goes to various other features ... the program needs to open to the world!
8 - To have vehicles that during the animation already move the wheels, to have more people animated in diverse types of situation, animated trees, leaves, grass, water, clouds, Moon, Sun ... and the best, to be able to save its .aof Animated ... when you insert in a scene a door that opens, it already arrives automatically with its animation saved ... you would not have to animate door by door, just insert a lively ...
9 - More shader options, more realistic too ...
10 - Displacment ... please!
11 - 2 sied lighting material
12 - Preserve the size of the files ... in sketchup the model has 200 megs, in artlantis has 1 giga ... ??????
13 - More options for rendering quality ... sometimes you get a 10-minute low quality test and a good quality test in 12 minutes ... it's almost a single standard
14 - Correct the alignment of the points of light ... if you hold the shift appears a line and you THINK are going straight but it is not, it is a program failure!
15 - Be able to group points of light and move the direction of the lighting to all of them automatically ... for example, you have 20 points of light directed to the right, so you change everything to the left you need to do in one hand ... .It would be nice to be able to group 10 of the 20 light points and with just one feature you would change the light point from right to left, up or down, all at once ...
16 - More water shaders
17 - It would not be in the program, but Abvent needs to improve its communication with its users, this is a complaint of many. The site is stopped the same way since the release of version 6 ... missing communication, missing answers, lacking interaction, lacking stimulation. Enter here, everything is the same ... there is nothing new, the forum is increasingly stopped, almost no participation and this is the reflection of what the company is offering ... silence ...
18- Renderfarm ... artlantis and his private world as I already said up there ... if I have 2 computers to work 2 or 4 images, because I will pay in Euros, if I live in Brazil, a country with rates And super high taxes to render 2 or 4 images? I want to be able to interconnect my computers but we can not ... If I go to work many high resolution images, a video, it's worth paying for it but for smaller jobs it's not worth it!
19 - A translucent and illuminated marble shader (customers are working a lot with it, such a shader would be very good)
20 - Sketchup export plugins or other programs work for any version of artlantis ... if you are in the latest sketchup and want to export to artlantis 3, OK ... but unfortunately, I have to keep an old version of the sketch alone To export to the version I have ... artlantis that speaks a lot that is a fast program, with all this, will add up everything you need to do and redo, it ends up being slow ...
21 - 3D-objects growing ivy, so that he can twist any objects in Artlantis and have a length from a small germ to large thickets.
22 - 3D-object volume letters (words) to be able to do any 3D-advertising signs on buildings by entering text from the keyboard.
23 - Ability to save changes and the standard Shaders, which run without texture - glass, plastic, gold, metal, chrome, etc. Now this is not possible, and do standard Shaders are not realistic.
24 - Standard Shaders translation into other languages, is now probably Shaders translated using Google-translator, and some names are very funny or strange.
25 - The precise movement of the objects with the introduction of distance or coordinates, automatic adhesion to surfaces of objects when they are traveling to these surfaces.
26 - The ability to move the camera (for example in small rooms) over the wall and visualize the room itself, as if the front of the camera there is no wall, but that it was calculated and reflected in domestic items and mirrors.
27 - 3D-object roads, paths and playgrounds, to be able to draw a path or or perimeter, and the road, etc. It would automatically built based on topography and a predetermined width along this path. Different types of trails from the solid to the individual stones or wooden stumps.
28 - Caustic and keeping light reflection from glass surfaces (eg to a ray of sunlight reflected off a glass table and countertop to the ceiling fell, ka really).
29 - Support for proxy to speed up the chaotic arrangement of a plurality of similar objects in any area without calculating each object. Those. choose object (s), and indicates the perimeter of the area that should fill those objects.
30 - Fog, haze, smoke from a pipe or from the fire.
31 - The ability to remove the media from the library of standard objects and Shaders and Shaders and user objects would automatically appear in the directory without a separate entry in each folder, and simply specifying the path to the shared folder, taking into account its subfolders.
32 - Support for program performance on an operating system with a user name, written in another language. Now for example, when writing the name of the user in Windows Cyrillic export does not work in the program, drag and drop does not work, do not appear Postcards names under the pictures.
33 - The ability to combine multiple objects into one and save the result as an object atlo. Now only possible to export to other formats.
34 - Export obj files with the installation on the right Y-axis. The default is now - the left and the objects obtained by mirror-rotated.
35 - Deep Bump with proper support for normal maps and maps of black-and-white output.
36 - On Billboards are now transparent areas are defined as the plane and you can not put another object over the transparent areas - the object is placed on the transparent area. It is necessary to do to transparent areas Billboards were not considered as a plane and could put other objects behind the transparent areas (as for conventional 3D-models).
37 - Creation of a universal blanks Shaders and its free distribution among users, so that users can exchange and share their customized Shaders in one form.
38 - Make a minimized window settings smooth and bevel angles (in Shaders settings) has always been deployed!
39 - Automatic removal of unused and absent materials that list are marked in red.
40 - Default expose the program settings for optimum realism, taking into account the speed / quality. And lay out the mood of the scene for the study program settings, as Help is not very clear what needs to be changed and what happens as a result ...
41 - When you create a source of light to separate it from the point of view of the camera, otherwise then there are difficulties with the selection and movement of the light source.
42 - The ability to allocate several materials and change their parameters or names at a time.
43 - When using the UF-projection texture would not be blocked in the settings options - repetition and mirroring (as in conventional texture).
44 - Also, the ground level would be installed at 0 (ground level is now put to -100?)

Or, again, the majority of user requests will be ignored?
In the announcement of Artlantis 6.5 I saw only 2 innovations (3 and 18 item) from the 44 items (and it is almost a year of work on the program) ...

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Re: What's Next?

Wed 14 Feb 2018 09:52

Forget it. Program for geeks.

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Re: What's Next?

Thu 22 Mar 2018 13:46

DVIJOK wrote:Forget it. Program for geeks.

why are you even still here? don't you have better things to do than to just troll the forum?

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