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artlantis 2020 versus artlantis 6.5 issue

Wed 20 May 2020 11:23

hello, after a long doubt I made the switch from artlantis 6.5 to artlantis 2020. Before that I already had an update to artlantis 2019 but noticed a few problems and I continued working with the familiar version 6.5.

The problem is like this:
When I start a new project with artlantis I always use the same layers so I can easily use materials from previous projects by using the function "use reference files". Now when I open a project in artlantis 6.5 I notice that materials are changing, such as matte black. If I go to get this from another project, it will be full black and reflection values ​​will have changed. The same with other materials (glass, shiny materials, ...)

Often these are also materials that I have searched for a long time to get the parameters correct that I can always use in new projects. It is a pity that all this precious information is lost.

Another example: if I wish to add a material via Postcards of a project formatted in artlantis 6.5, this material still has other settings in artlantis 2020.

Do you understand my problem?
Is there a solution for this?

Thanks for your comment.

Greetings Simon

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