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How does the portal work?

Posted: Wed 1 Jul 2020 15:41
by Werner_Dielen
I´m testing Artlantis 2020 Demo and can´t find out how the portal object works.
It´s an interior scene with the portal object placed outside right in front of an window. Enhaced background and portal is enabled.
But the in the final rendering there is no difference between using the portal or not.

Re: How does the portal work?

Posted: Wed 1 Jul 2020 16:13
by CamilleSarrut
Hello Werner,

When using the Portal object and activating the Portal setup to ON or Automatic, you should have less noise coming from the Enhanced Background.

Are you using HDRI lighting or just Heliodon what are you rendering settings ?
Could you send me your test file by WeTransfer, to, I could have a look at it.
Make sure you send me an atla to have all the media attached (textures, images, objects...)

Best regards,

Re: How does the portal work?

Posted: Thu 2 Jul 2020 06:53
by Werner_Dielen
Hello Camille, thanks for your response, the altla file is send to you.

Is it correct, that the portal object only reduces the noise coming from the enhanced background or does this object also increse the lightning?

I´ve found no difference in both terms. Hope you can find the mistake and point me to the right way.