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Re: bb cut in half

Tue 6 Aug 2019 12:00

sandropc wrote:Hy, I am using Artlantis 2019 and have the same problem: the BB apears cutted in diagonal. Also I have problem with the exporter from SketchUp 2019, it just does´nt work. Any idea?

Which BB are you using ?
Did you transfer them from V4 with Media Converter ?
Did you create them yourself ?
Did you open an old file with old BB ?

For the SketchUp 2019 exporter, which version of SketchUp are you using ?
When you say it does not work, what do you mean ? The 'atl' item is missing in the export dialog or it is present but does not export the geometry ?

There is an issue with version 2019.2, the atl exporter is not loaded properly, we are working on it.
If you use version version 19.1.173 for Mac OS X or Version 19.1.174 for Win64, it should work.
Camille Sarrut
Abvent R&D

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