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Unit price of building rough and package houses in 2020

Sat 11 Jul 2020 04:16

Unit price of building rough and package houses in 2020
There will be changes but not too large, and are still eagerly awaiting unit prices because each year is different. Because the construction industry in Vietnam is now growing strongly and is expected to boom in the following years. Song Phat Construction will update the latest unit price of raw building and package for investors to refer.
Actual image at the work done by Song Phat.
Over many years of experience in the field of construction Song Phat has always refreshed itself as well as refreshing for investors in the stages of building houses from design to construction to bring a perfect home.
Song Phat services provide investors the unit price of building a rough and all-round house in 2020 always committing to quality, structural warranty, not selling contractors, right materials, safety, on schedule. public, in accordance with legal regulations and project warranty. Investors do not hesitate to contact us for free home construction design advice.
Author: Construction of Houses - Song Phat Construction

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