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Tue 5 Apr 2016 04:51

Hi, how are you all? I hope it's ok ;) :D
I guess we're all busy with our jobs, studies and other activities.

I note some solitude in our forum Render IN, in these last days. :? :cry:

and on this occasion, I would like to invite all our customers, friends and betas ... give continuity to our work and share our experiences

It's much, so that together we can learn from this extraordinary engine.
If we bring our examples, we render and secure our opinions will improve the mastery of the program.

And very importantly, developers can evaluate the faults and virtues of Render IN, proposing to improve the performance thereof.
I hope not stop moving and sharing ;), it is helpful to our participation :) 8-)

A big hug and thank you for your attention ;) 8-)

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