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TM vs Lumion

Posted: Mon 24 Sep 2018 06:10
by aniani01
I've been using twinmotion recently, became my favourite application really...
so in comparison with lumion, here is what I think TM is falling short:
1- characters: TM characters look more cartoonish while on lumion, they look like they were scanned or something.
2- Vegetation: same point
3- Painting grass: I think we should have an option where u select for instance a plane, or a some object, and u just click fill... instead of paiting through long distances.
4- Lights: an option to choose if it should be ignored by the light or not.


Re: TM vs Lumion

Posted: Thu 10 Jan 2019 12:53
by anselemnkoro
I also think there are a couple of more features TM needs.
*ability to change the color of the grass being painted,
*Ability to import video files as image textures.
*Ability to create an online free repo that users can easily use to import more props.
*Pivot Swing fot door.

there are great tutorials about TM but most times I just wish these features existed