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Crashing Zoom to selection

Tue 6 Mar 2018 04:48


I am using Twinmotion on a MacPro 6core intel xeon e5 32gb adm fire pro d7000 6gb x 2

When I try to zoom to Selection the program crashes instantly. Also the navigation is very sensitive. Sometimes I move the mouse just a bit and I find myself unable to find my position again. Is there any way to capture and save a position?

Keep up the good work.


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Re: Crashing Zoom to selection

Wed 7 Mar 2018 09:40

Hi dlcnoah,

Im sorry to read that. Can you tell me what is your workflow ? Did you import your project with Archicad / Revit ?

As far as the zoom crash is conserned, did you zoomed in with your mouse wheel or did you use your navigations keys.

There is a way to capture your position, you just need to create an image then when your going to navigate aroud the viewport, when you select back your image, you gonna get back where you where when you created the image.

Have a good day.
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