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Feedback Friday | Twinmotion 2018 tips and tricks Feb 02, 2018

Fri 2 Feb 2018 13:35

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Feedback Friday is a series of article published every two weeks on Twinmotion blog.

If you are new to this column, here are the rules: leave us your questions about Twinmotion in the comments to the Feedback Friday post on Facebook, on the Twinmotion forum or put hashtag #Twinmotion with your questions on Twitter. The most asked and interesting questions will be answered every two weeks in a Feedback Friday article.

Questions mentioned today are:

How do I animate a disabled character on a path?
How do I visualize a panorama exported from Twinmotion 2018 on a tablet?
How do I customize a background image in Twinmotion 2018?
How do I use Samsung Gear VR with Twinmotion?
When multiple objects are selected to move, the selection origin is sometimes really far away. Any suggestions for this?

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