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my wishlist)

Mon 1 Oct 2018 12:07

fast jumps in VR (without fading)
jumps in VR on bigger distances for exterior scenes (100+ meters)
open doors, move objects with snapping in VR
viewport navigation like in cinema4d (orbiting around point where mouse points (inportant!), alt + middlle - panning,
alt+right - zooming (zooming speed should depend on distance from point where mouse points to camera))
option to disabe motion blur
populate surface with selected objects with adjustable minimum distance between objects
playground models
import camera animation or camera and target paths (or option to use imported splines for any animation)
GI simulation under cars and other objects using planes with transperency
distance field area shadows (supported in unreal engine)
limit navigation volume with object in twinmotion
clone objects along splines
option to disable LODs at rendertime
option to set camera and camera target coordinates
bigger GI distance (1000m)
car lights not always turn on at night time same with other lighst if there are plenty of them
option to turn lights on at selected time
random luminance in windows (for night scenes for glass material)
higher panorama resolution 16K+
Bug: planters - tree branches textures missing
option to bake scene (with mulibouce GI and custom gamma) for interiors
bevel corners in material options
models of cottages, schools and other buildings
realtime raytracing)

Posts: 2
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Re: my wishlist)

Mon 22 Oct 2018 22:58

info points, like here: (images made in twinmotion (test scene))
when you click on it (or maybe hover) it shows some text and/or http link and/or image.
For example I click on info point of furniture peace in interior and see image + link of shop where to buy one

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