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Post testing Wishlist

Sun 5 Aug 2018 10:23

Have enjoyed testing TM over the last month. A simple wish list as follows (i hope these don't already exist and make me look like a d*ck)

• Ability to apply a texture to a single face of an object
• Program to sound an alert when rendering completes
Lighting Presets for simple scene types: Outdoors, interior (sun / large window bias), interior (interior light bias) etc
• A way to boost sun coming through windows (like GI Portals in c4D). I find if the sun is working OK inside, it's overexposed outside...
Delete invisible objects on import (odd one this - importing C4D it brings in everything, even the objects that are made invisible - easy enough to get around, but feels there could be an import option here).
• Ability for Glow to follow material colour.

and finally:

• a way to create bumps from the image map within the program - just drag the texture map into the bump and it generates the bump map, without having to use CrazyBump or similar.


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Re: Post testing Wishlist

Wed 23 Jan 2019 12:04

Tq your info, but do you also test of library-volumes-water-water cube/cylinder TM 2019v2?
Before save, water cube/cylinder worked fine, but when save and TM close then open again that file, that water cube/cylinder appeared black colour. Pls help for the solution, thanks.

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