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vegetation LOD setting

Wed 26 Sep 2018 12:26

Hi TM team,
I don't know if someone posted this, but in some distance, trees gets really ugly represented by some simple planes.
This distance is sadly not so big to be acceptable and it ruins quality of renders and videos. On top of that - small trees gets lowered detail sooner than taller trees.
Setting of preserving high Level Of Detail is necessary in new version, because it really smashes quality down. I think GPU could handle it, but TM lower LOD too soon.



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Re: vegetation LOD setting

Wed 20 Feb 2019 05:24

This is way too late to be useful to the original poster, but I would like to help for anyone reading this later.

It seems that trees placed manually will maintain a 3D form for kilometres, but ironically the tree brush that is only used for mass planting of forests in the distance suffers from extremely short LOD. I don't know why the same objects would have different LOD settings based on how they were inserted.

Hopefully in the future Abvent will give us the option of changing the LOD universally from the preferences, but for now, (TM2019) you need to manually insert them for masterplans and wide aerials.

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