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Video bug

Thu 13 Dec 2018 12:45

Hi TM team,
so I have gone through rough afternoon yesterday...because of the annoying bug, which happend to apper in my scene. I got it work after like 3 hours of crashing and trying everything to solve it, so I want to report it to development and possibly for others if it will happen to anyone...

Here is what happened:
- I made scene, made renders, made first video to try setting for video for this scene - all OK
- after test I made like 10 clips to form video out of them later
- tried to export it - BOOM ! nothing happened (just window with strating export popup and dissapeared immediately) again and again
- export images and video in pngs still worked but Mpeg did not - no crash , no message but also no exporting Mpeg
- I tried saving to different locations, , deleting scene objects one after another if one those cause this, even merging this scene to a new one and tried it there did not help!
- then I decided to try deleting some of clips and when tried to delete some of them TM crashed, then start crashing if I wanted to deleted last clip, or video
- so finally, after I have managed to delete all clips and movie in media slots...made new clip and NOW export works again...oh GOOOOD!!! how annoying

LONG STORY - SHORT: had to delete all made clips and start again...terrible experience to find that :-D
I felt like have lost few years of life with this, cause i knew it should work, but it did not. Try to solve this "little" but at the same time BIG bugs or I have to go jump of the window next time :-D

Thank You


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