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Feedback and questions

Thu 10 Jan 2019 12:47

Hi TM team,

I'm currently in the process of evaluating realtime renderer for our companies' visualisation pipeline. Right now I'm testing TM and joined the webinar today, unfortunately I was unable to give direct feedback, since I don't have a Youtube account.

I would like to give some feedback and ask some questions here, based on my experience during the trial.
We work with Revit 2019, therefore everything import related refers to Revit.

Don't get me wrong, TM is awesome and has a lot of great features, but pardon me if I wont include that in my list.
Probably some points I just don't understand correctly, I'm happy for any explanation.

1. Documentation
    -A written documentation with some detailed explanation would be helpful
    -Searching through a list of 100+ short youtube videos is a bit cumbersome (aren't they a pain to maintain anyway?)
2. Interface
I understand that the interface was meant to be user-friendly and easy to learn, it probably works well for a touch-screen, but not for mouse and keyboard users.
    -GUI elemets (Icon, text...), while looking great, take way too much space
    -too many nested options require too many clicks
    -numeric inputs of values (e.g.material reflection) require to press [Esc] for confirmation, if you press [Enter] you need to press 2x[Esc] to exit the input. This is quite confusing, cause usually you cancel inputs with [Esc] and confirm with [Enter].
    -some menu names and sorting are confusing, like "Measure" inside "Urban".

    An optional less nested compact GUI would be great.
3. Environment map
    Unfortunately UE4 doesn't support IBL at the moment and therefore I don't expect you have any plan to implement that by yourself in TM. It would be helpful though to have an easy solution to switch the environment map.
4. Import (Revit 2019 Addin)
    -IES lights are imported as geometry, the light cone is actually converted into a mesh which cannot be replaced due to the write protection of the import. Is there a best practice solution to how to deal with lights?
    -Decals are currently not imported
    -Objects that don't have a material with a diffuse map applied receive a UV layout of 1 square feet per UV, this probably comes from Revit internal imperial system. To achieve a consistent texel density and fit to metric system, we have the scale the textures by 3.28 (or its factor). Would it be possible to rescale during import process?
    -From performance point of view, are there any recommendations as to when combine meshes by material or family or to keep separate?
5. Materials
    -If checked in the options, how does the replacement of Revit materials with TM materials actually work?
    -Is there any way to match a Revit material by a specific TM material? Some kind of name list.
    -New Revit PBR materials are currently not converted, though they mostly match the UE standards, are there any plans to implement a conversion in the future?
    -How can we change/modify grass materials?
    -Material reflection (should be called roughness since you use roughness maps as input)
    -Roughness maps seem to be read in srgb instead of linear colour space, therefore roughness looks a bit off when set to 50%
    -Is there a threshold setting for the slope material of terrains?

Would be happy to hear from you and other users, maybe the majority might even disagree to some points.

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Re: Feedback and questions

Fri 11 Jan 2019 10:44

5. Materials
    -Some materials, mainly ground materials, seem to be layered materials with a fixed layer. Is there any possibility to edit that layer and/or create layered material from the scratch?

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Re: Feedback and questions

Mon 14 Jan 2019 15:19

I'm currently testing TM in a similar context like OP.

I completely agree to points 1-3 and 5. I'm not using revit/rhino/archiCAD.

No written documentation is a big no-no for me. Coming from software like Maya/Max it's much pain and time consuming to actually develop a workflow. I just cant come up with an explanation for these short videos on youtube - why not spend this money on a written documentation.. even if its very basic or in french.

To insert bumpmaps for materials or editing them in general is very non-intuitive. Instead of nest these options in 2-3 layers why not just put them on one layer without these unnecessary clicks?

Despite the poor UI/UX-Design for advanced 3D-Artists and the completely missing documentation TM looks promising.

But PLEASE publish a good written documentation.


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Re: Feedback and questions

Mon 14 Jan 2019 15:21


offtopic: is there a way i can contact you via mail? I have some questions ;)

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Re: Feedback and questions

Tue 15 Jan 2019 14:12

6. VR (Vive Pro)
    -heavy stuttering when "Effects" are set to ultra, empty scene, even though on the PC display it is completely fine. Runs very smooth when set to high.
    -besides teleporting a walking movement would be nice
    -I tend to drop through geometry and floors when teleporting, can result in endless drop

7. Settings
    -advanced graphic settings would be good, to enable/disable individual effects and settings, maybe even save custom presets

Yes, though there is no PM system here and I don't want to post my email address

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Re: Feedback and questions

Wed 23 Jan 2019 08:29

I would really appreciate some response, or is this the wrong place?! Unfortunately I don't see much activity on this forum, the mods at least seem to be gone.

3. Environment
    -There should be an option to switch off the star field movement

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Re: Feedback and questions

Wed 23 Jan 2019 10:05

Yes, it is much too quiet here. Are the developers on holiday? Or are they busy with finalising a patch for some bugs?

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Re: Feedback and questions

Mon 28 Jan 2019 08:57

Unfortunately guys, this is how Abvent moderate this forum.
You will maybe get some response if You are lucky, but ussually not in hours, even days.
I dont get it, why they pay so little attention to forum, but this is how it is here :-D

Better way where You can get help quick is when you have some issue, to open technical support ticket. But that is meant for specific problems a issues with TM, I think.

Do not expect some nice constructive conversation with TM team here...this was big dissapointment after ours purchase of TM.

Regards, Martin

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Re: Feedback and questions

Tue 29 Jan 2019 14:13

I agree, it is a bit disappointing.
Imho forums are very valuable, other users might have the same issues and questions and will not have to ask again, if they find the answers.
If they don't have capacity or interest paying attention to the forum, it's okay, should just be mentioned somewhere, or there shouldn't be a forum (certain sections) in the first place.

The support ticket system works well and the responses are very quick, which is a good thing.

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