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M. Molaee
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Wishlist for Twinmotion 2020

Wed 13 Feb 2019 11:52

Hi TM team, twinmotion is my favorite software and it's very important to me. I have some wishlist for you:

01-Ability to export render Elements/Passes for image & video (base color,normal,specular,lighting,sky alpha channel,roughness,ZDepth)
02-Add fur, dirty and old material categories to the library.
03-Add services characters (Doctor, nurse, policeman, security guard, fireman & ...)
04-Add some video people cutout (like people in motion from vizpeople)
05-Add services vehicles
06-Add more animated objects(fan,clock,curtain,Air conditioner & ...)
07-Ability to transparent a material(not from photoshop)
08-Decals are not set on glass material please fix it.
09-Ability to give function to objects for BIMmotion like UE4(bottom for light when press E, or ability to open and close doors by press E)
10-Ability to import custom sound
11-Add more particle (more fountain, rainbow)
12-Add Exposure and Color Correction to render setting
13-Add some vertical plants for green wall
14-Add volumetric sun light
15-Add some settings for clouds
16-Third Person BIMmotion
M. Molaee

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