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Wishilist Visual 8 Twinmotion 2020

Wed 13 Mar 2019 10:08

Hello all,

Here my wishlist for Twinmotion 2019

- Turn off/on shadows by objects
- Lock objects or containers, so that they are not able to be selected or only as a group
- Better trees, vegetaion, more detailed, they are just too crude
- LOD is not working properly at great scenes
- Custom sky and cloud colors or settings
- Better humans, the kids are just horrendous, winter, and or rain proof people.
- Render output in .jpg, I have to export every image I render every-time for mailing
- Render-output name with filename before image name: Projectname-imagename.jpg. I have to rename every image and video with projectname and version number, everytime....
- Turn animation off, or freeze animation at certain point, to avoid cars, bikers, humans or clouds being in the wrong place when rendering
- HDRI lighting, skydomes...
- Transparency slider in material
- Animated doors
- Merge containers from other scenes, or copy paste from other scenes
- Ease in and out in animation
- Option to adjust speed in a video by adding more or less viewpoints
- Volumetric lights
- 3d grass as material, with options off color and length etc
- 3d hedges material
- A Form-Z plug in
- settings for the size of the ambient occlusion and the darkness
- Shadows settings for small products 1 meter) and larger scenes, (1000+ meters)
- Background with simple nature without mountains
- Background with medium city without skyscrapers
- Purge unused materials
- When deleting a material, asking what material it should be replaced with.
- Substance materials integration

Would be nice to see some more wishes to keep the Abvent and Twinmotion team motivated!

Thats it!
Kind regards,
Rudy Daverveld

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