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Neon Lights

Wed 5 Jun 2019 14:30

Hi there,
When the file of Twinmotion is closed, why neon lights are disordered?!
This happens everytime, when l close and then open the file. :o
(attached are some examples)

Please make any fix for that!

Thank you!
disordered neon.png
disordered neon.png (700.32 KiB) Viewed 53 times
normal neon.png
normal neon.png (668.92 KiB) Viewed 53 times

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Re: Neon Lights

Thu 6 Jun 2019 06:34

Is this with Twinmotion V2 or the Epic Games version? You could try it with the Epic version to see if it is fixed. I tried it with a simple scene but did not get any errors with the neon light.

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