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Service of 3-storey French classical villa design model BT1610

Sun 2 Feb 2020 13:50

As soon as An Hung Architecture completed the design plan and presented the idea with Uncle Cuong's family, everyone was impressed and overwhelmed by the splendid, luxurious and massive beauty of the BT1610 villa model. Mr. Cuong immediately selected BT1610 for construction.

The 3-storey villa perfectly recreates the quintessence of classical French architecture from the holistic shapes to the decorative details. BT1610 fascinates the eyes of passersby by the system of extremely fine art patterns. The best highlight of this classic French mansion is the details of the huge castle dome. The roof rises soaring, as if proud of its luxurious beauty.


The roof is meticulously dragon-shaped. The layered piles layered on top of each other, layer by layer, the top layer raced out more than the layer below. The patterns on the architectural details are ornate designs, requiring attention by the hands of talented artisans to make them become real, vivid.

The entire window of the building is designed with 2 layers "in glass - outside the lightning", as the standard of French architecture in Vietnam. The outstanding advantage of wooden doors in shuttered glass is that it can still be lit in the cold windy winter and shaded with the sun to catch the wind in the harsh summer, always ensuring warm winters - cool summers in the surrounding spaces. in the mansion. The window molding layers are no less detailed than other decorative patterns, showing the meticulousness and sophistication of every detail of the design architect in the process of creating this villa model.

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