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Service of designing a neoclassical 3-storey villa BT2261

Wed 5 Feb 2020 06:48

For the post-development of this land with the allowable depth of the family, the family has left a lot of area to make the garden bring a green space for the house, but this way also helps the house square. Therefore, it is easy to arrange the functional rooms for living, showing the complete architectural features in the majority of architectural shapes.

Regarding the perspective of architecture, the design of the classic vi vi Tan on such a large area is indeed an easy problem, because the design must ensure the architectural proportion for the Project to be balanced, especially there are types. shape with many cubes, intricate details. Therefore, each Project is a smart period of appearance for people to have their own characteristics. Having this house, the proportions, colors, materials are meticulously handled by the architect to the smallest details, creating a luxurious and superficial beauty - a way to respect the status and the family. Owner's.
According to the architectural opinion of Vietnamese people in particular, the lobby area is considered the "gateway" of the house. Secret arrangement, design and hallmark imprint fully reminds the eye of the homeowner as well as the level of the surface of the house. Owning a regular house is like that, bearing the hallway is even more important when it is considered as the face of the whole house. The main hall is referred to as a "welcome and see-off" place, but regardless of the architectural design, the area still plays a very important role.

Part vi vi roof is also an attraction not to be missed in this style. Because the architecture of the building is very huge, the pattern is very gaudy and decorated quite splendidly, the architect wants to reduce the pressure for the project by a tall, high-class Thai roof system, making the la la not too heavy. It is very suitable with the Southern climate - the rain is wide. This roof system is technically designed, with the corrugated iron roof, drainage ditches around the roof, to avoid the project being so damaged by the universal weather.

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