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Service of designing a neoclassical 3-storey villa model BT1639

Thu 20 Feb 2020 06:16

The house is like wearing a striking new shirt, luxurious in the high-class living space at Vinhomes Riverside. The work was completed beyond the expectation of the owner. Mr. Tuan was very satisfied with the quality, aesthetics, reasonable use of the mansion as well as the enthusiastic working spirit of the An Hung architects team. The joy of homeowners is the driving force for An Hung to offer unique and classy architectural products to serve its investors.
Before being renovated, the status quo of the building was a crude part available, completely incomplete in terms of architecture. After the process of consultation and enthusiastic consultation of architects, the investor agreed with the expansion plan in terms of space for the villa to be the most spacious and airy. Taking advantage of geographical location, behind the house is an 18m2 long canal, architects have removed some wall blocks on the first floor, kitchen area to create a view towards the back. A place where the whole family can enjoy delicious meals at the same time and still enjoy the view and the wind.
The 2nd floor area is also renovated in a synchronized manner, divided into synchronized rooms including 2 large bedrooms with WC, spacious balcony decorated with beautiful iron flower art. This is the space for homeowners to rest and relax after a long hard working day.
The 3rd floor is a place for worshiping space with a worship room with a staircase, on the left is a girl's bedroom with a lovely pink tone, a harmonious interior where young children can play and learn. Practice and relax, avoid the noise below.

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