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Service of designing a 3-storey modern villa with sample basement BT1603

Wed 4 Mar 2020 06:54

The project is designed in a modern style and personality. KTS An Hung advises and proposes a plan to sell a semi-basement villa, a part of the basement rises high above the ground to optimize the usable area of ​​the car garage, and achieve the purpose of improving the core. elevation of the upper floors. The exterior of the basement is covered with luxurious dark stone pattern tiles, making the base of the building kept clean and shiny.
The large glass panels scale, high-grade aluminum frame walls, forming glass windows, to maximize the view between the spaces, increasing the connection between the inner space and the outer space. , living space becomes more open and open.
The landscape outside the villa is also designed green. The landscape of trees and a murmuring lake around the house make the space surrounding the BT1603 villa more lively and close to nature.

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