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Service of designing a 2-storey modern villa BT1023

Tue 10 Mar 2020 06:43

By design, the use area of ​​each floor falls to about 200m2 out of 2 floors. Each floor is composed of large, angular and definitive blocks. The horizontal beveled design helps divide the 2-storey floor clearly, the center is indented to create an empty space to place a lotus pond, which is a way to keep the house cool thanks to the airflow.


Add another unique point at this project, showing the creative talent of the architect is the variation in the lobby roof. The design of flat roofs and Thai roofs alternating in different sections of the front hall brings a more impressive appearance to the whole villa.

The left lobby is covered with modern roofs, while the right uses Thai drooping roof, which is more synchronized with the whole roof top system. The unique brown color of the background stands out on the white painted background of the main villa, making the project look like a real luxury resort.

Garage is also located right on the right side of the house, open design as a lobby, very convenient to move.

The building is surrounded by a green garden, planted with many green trees, flowers and stones are paved clean, an ideal space for recreation and relaxation for the big family.

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